Trump is a Nazi

by Candy Warpop

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All profits on sales of this song will be donated to the ACLU.

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We don't want your Bigotry
We don't want your War
We don't want your Hate Machine
Fascist Regime no more
Donald Trump's a Nazi, he's not my president
to salute to that scumbag
I'd rather be dead

We are the new Americans
We embrace our diversity
We are the new Americans
Of every race, color, and creed

Our planet is dying, it's time to make change
Our future generations will have no escape
Our system is antiquated
It's been broken for too long
The scales of Justice yields a bias law

We are the new Americans
We demand our basic Human Rights
Freedom to love, freedom to learn, freedom to stand up and fight

Trump is a fascist
He wants nuclear war
And when he hits the button
We will be no more
Well there's power in numbers
But it all starts with one
A person with a dream or a vision just one

This is the new America
And we don't want your walls
We are the new Americans
Our strength will be your downfall

This is the new America
And we have a choice
To disobey his reign of terror
America has a voice.


released June 23, 2017
Vocals, Guitar: Amy Pate
Guitar: Joshua Chévere Cohen
Bass: Angelica Santis
Drums: Anisa

Additional background vocals: Leon Neon, John Brown
Collage Artwork: Amy Pate
Digital Artwork: Stephanie Mae Eitnier

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Brown (Camel Hump Studios)




Candy Warpop Las Vegas, Nevada

Candy Warpop is a nihilistic storm of art punk and dark psychedelia. Incubated under the debauched neon of Las Vegas, this audacious trio is unrestrained by conventional musical standards.

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